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NoveLook is a Practical Research Institute, that researches innovative ideas and then builds products, programs, and companies based on these ideas.


Source of Ideas:

We focus on ideas that come from NoveLook insiders.


We Seek:

We are looking for talented entrepreneurs capable of transforming NoveLook ideas into reality.


We Offer:

The chosen ones will be offered an unparalleled generous package of equity and a title of Founder and CEO.


Our three Goals:

learn, innovate and enrich people’s lives.



Some of the ideas have the potential to become large international companies; other ideas (especially the educational programs) were initiated in order to address local specific needs, while self-supporting their financial needs.





Standard Process


Stage A:

An Idea is born.


Stage B:

NoveLook uses advisors and consultants in order to analyze the idea, and evaluate:

Is it really innovative? Is it cool? Is there a real need for it?

And then: 

Is execution feasible? What is the size of the target market? What is the business model? What are the cash requirements? What is the suitable short/long term fund raising


Then – we clean our minds and get back to the initial spark and ask ourselves: will the idea add something

really good and valuable to people?


Stage C:

The few ideas that get green light (which mean that we’re really excited about them) are developed further,

and we start seeking appropriate entrepreneurs to becomefounders & CEOs.


Stage D:

Once we find the right person, we explore whetheshe/he is passionate about the

idea at least as much as we are. 

Then we sign an agreement, help establishing a company, furnish it with initial funding, follow it, and help where we can.


If you know of talented people who are capable of leading innovative projects, please

share with them our Open Jobs section.




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